Tuesday, 20 January 2015

::What's in my Make-up Bag?! ::

Hey Girls!

     So as you might have guessed from the pretty obvious title, today you're getting a sneak peak of my make-up bag! I'll just be talking about what I keep in that black-hole, and what I use on an everyday basis regarding make-up :)! So shall we start? ...

  1. Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara - This is absolutely gorgeous, not very expensive but I can safely say that it has been the best mascara I have used for a long time! It simply elongates and fills up my lashes, and they need that!
  2. Technic Complete Brow Kit - I have only just started using this, a friend of mine made me realise the importance of using such a product to fill in brows every once in a while! I tend to not do this on a daily basis as I use it for more dramatic or dressy looks.
  3. Inglot Basics Freedom System Tri-Shadow Palette - I have already said enough on this palette in my opinion, I have written a whole blog post in relation to this gorgeous product by Inglot, so here it is: http://kayliesfashionparlour.blogspot.com/2015/01/inglot-eyeshadow-review.html
  4. Misslyn Basics Eye shadow Palette - This has been a favourite of mine for more than two years now, I just can't praise it enough! The variety of shadows is honestly amusing, and what makes them so much better is that they are so pigmented!
  5. The Body Shop Smudger Brush - This was given to me as a Christmas Present together with the above Inglot Palette, and it has been so great when applying highlighter and eyeshadows!
  6. Rimmel London Long Lasting Lipstick by Kate - This is just an example, because anyone who knows me can tell you how much I am in love with lipsticks, the brighter the better! This just happened to be in my make-up bag at the time but, Max Factor, Essence... any will do!
  7. Rimmel London Blush in Live Pink - This has just been my absolute favourite blush of all time, I've been using it for as long as I can remember, and I just keep buying a new one every time it finishes, its that good!
  8. ItStyle Make-up Concealer - This honestly just saves the day every time, its like having a best friend in your bag!?
  9. Random Blush Brush - Well, it does the job right?
  10. Ultra-shine Gloss Extra Brillante - When I'm not feeling in the mood for a full-on make-up look, just a little shine goes a great way! It looks like you've tried when really, you've just rolled out of bed (why am I sharing this on the Internet?!)
  11. Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Foundation - Probably not the best foundation
    out there, but in my case it absolutely does the job without having to spend tons of money! So yay for me!
  12. Essence Pencil Eye Liner - Am I the only one that hasn't yet mastered the art of liquid eyeliner? I'm practicing guys, I'm practicing! However, I simply love this pencil eyeliner from Essence, it slides so beautifully on which makes it a lot easier to apply!
  13. Baby Lips Electro Fierce n' Tangy - Last but not least, this is an absolute lifesaver, especially with these cold months around. My lips tend to dry out and all I need is this lovely product! Problem Solved! 
So, there you go! That's a sneak peak into my everyday make-up look! 
I hope you enjoyed it, xxx <3

Kaylie Chetcuti

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