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So today's post is somewhat different; about a week ago I was invited to attend a Persona Med-Clinic Event at the Westin Dragonara Resort, St Julians. In short, this included the presentation and launch of the new line of SkinCueticals Cosmetics at Persona for this new year. SkinCeuticals is the only range in stock at Persona, while also being regarded as the No.1 Skincare brand in the United States by dermatologists.

SkinCeuticals addresses mainly a medical purpose, fighting against sun damage, pollution and stress. The company was born in 1997 from decades of skin cancer research by Dr Sheldon R. Pinnell (1937-2013). He has more than one hundred publications regarding skincare as well as four patents.

These products are only sold at medical centers such as Persona, as the company respects the need of consumers to follow a sort of routine, these same consumers are highly educated as they carry out a lot of research regarding their skin prior to purchasing the products.

''A single mission, a simple promise, a serious goal.'' 
The night's three largest launches were the following:

  1. Daily TRx for Hyperpigentation 'Advanced Pigment Corrector' 
  2. Daily Chemical Free Tinted Sun Screen ( Universal Tint to match all complexions!)
  3. Resveratrol B.E: Night Concentrate : Skin Texture, Firmness and Elasticity. 
For anybody whose wondering the place of purchase, here it comes! So, Persona's website is where one can purchase numerous products online. In addition to this, they sell these same products on a one-to-one basis at their centers. 

Some examples of their services are Botox, Facials, Hair Removal, Breast Augmentation, Smart Liposuction, and Rhinoplasty among a lengthy list of others. 

The Persona Med-Aesthetic Center was founded in 2010, and it derived its name from the term 'person'. The reason for this is that they strive to build a company rotating around people, its customers. 

It ultimately aims at providing a customer-centric experience, achieving the best results while at no point compromising health. They aim at providing value for money. Acting on their past plans, they have won numerous excellence awards and testimonials. They are divided into the following five:

  1. Health & Beauty
  2. Cosmetic Surgery
  3. Dermatology
  4. Non-Invasive
  5. SkinCeuticals. 
In addition to the above, they boast highly qualified medics trained internationally, in possession of a high sense of ethics, a high-standard state-of-the-art Operating Theatre; full privacy and maximum comfort as well as the highest quality with regards to materials. 

The company greatly aids Malta Hospice Movement which helps around 900+ patients yearly. Throughout the night, SkinCeuticals products were sold, a total of twenty percent which were donated to Hospice Movement. The donation came in the form of ten percent which was donated by Persona, as well as another ten percent of all the products sold on the night. This charity campaign is planned to span a whole year, with Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre donating five percent of its yearly SkinCeuticals sales to the same Charity Movement. This is inclusive of the proceeds collected from the SkinCeuticals online shop which has just been launched. Here is a link for your convenience:

In addition to the above, forming part of the same campaign, Persona made a donation to Prof. Joseph L. Pace, which is the President of Malta Association of Dermatology & Venereology, also known as MADV. This donation is meant to be used in their campaign regarding the promotion of skin cancer prevention in Malta. 

Numerous samples were provided to be tried by guests

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