Tuesday, 22 April 2014

:: Spring Essentials ::

Hey Guys :)!

    As Spring is here, I felt it was only fitting to share with you some of my favourite spring pieces and what I consider personally to be essentials. There are clothes, shorts, shoes, nail polish, accessories among others, which could be easily integrated into our wardrobes :)!

     We all know that this spring, we will surely need a pair of sandals which look presentable in places rather than the beach, a new dress for graduation and outdoor parties, and probably a new bag that goes with the lighter, flowy fabrics that spring brings with it. And then there might be some fashion trends which caught your eye on the fashion runway back in September.However, being on a budget this is definitely not easy! Here's how to combine the two.

  •     A sporty A-line Dress: First of all, this is beyond comfortable, shows just the perfect amount of skin for a day-time event, and guess what... it can be worn with flats and still look gorgeous! (This look can also be mimicked by wearing a circle skirt and a tight shirt tucked in)
  •    A pair of comfortable pumps: Spring and Summer bring with it numerous night-time events, and so a pair of pumps, preferably of a light shade to go with the season's colours is somewhat essential! Nude does great with skin colour garments, however a fresher colour such as white would give a new bright look to your look :)!
  • Everyday Denim: Denim has been in style for an extremely long time, however designers still manage to integrate it season after season into their work. Which is great, as off-duty denim such as slim yet slouchy cropped pants (not rolled!) paired with a bright blazer, boho top and flat sandals, give the perfect comfortable feel for an everyday outing!

  • A T-shirt Alternative: When in a hurry, its not easy to resist grabbing a Tee-Shirt, however, why not give a try to spring's minimal-boho tanks or a striped button-down instead? They repeatedly succeed in making any pair of shorts and messy hair-bun purposeful and fashionable, and you could definitely dress them up for a night time occasion!

  • Strappy Block Heels: Fancy enough to wear them with skirts and dresses, and almost as comfortable as your beloved flip flops. Block-heeled sandals are a gift from the fashion gods!

  • A Slitted Skirt: These skirt come in every shape, length and form, however they barged into the fashion world earlier in time when bandage dresses became a thing. Keep the rest of your look simple and pair it with bright red lipstick for a truly stunning look.

  • Spring's Lightwieght Jacket: Although the sun is more welcome to stay than ever, at night times its bound to get somewhat chilly outside. The new outerwear shape is rounded at the shoulders and bold in colour pattern. Trust me; you'll wish for chilly days!

  • Nail-polish : Try a dove grey nail polish for the fingers, and a baby pink for the toes. It gives you the polished look you need under your new block-heeled strappy sandals!

  • A structured cross-body bag: A bright crossover bag not only freshens up every look, but also gives you plenty of space to carry around your make-up essentials, phone, keys and anything else necessary. Mints or Light corals are gorgeous this spring.

    Apart from the above, a pastel coloured necklace, bold cat-eye sunnies for the hotter days, metal arm-candy, a corally-pink lipstick and a pastel dress with a playful pattern will surely complete your new spring wardrobe!

    I hope you'll find this useful :)
    Bye xx

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