Monday, 4 August 2014

:: Summer Paradise ::

Well hello there !

    I thought I'd hit off this week with another post :)! Well, as the title gives away.. this blog is a ramble all about summer. It might be the case that I am exaggerating when I refer to the hottest season as a paradise. However the way I see it that anything can be considered a paradise compared to the dreadful last month of the scholastic year, filled with exams and such! I am almost certain that most of you would agree :)!

Comino Island Malta

Cafe Del Mar Malta

       Starting with the changes in the weather itself; from the cold,foggy winter days to the warm summery ones... everything takes a turn for the better. Don't get me wrong, I simply love staying in on a cosy night watching 'Frozen' while having Chinese with a couple of friends, but what could possibly beat the smell of sun screen and the beachy breeze while sun bathing or having a barbeque with friends or family? 

      And what about that point in time when we ditch all the heavy rain jackets and winter boots, and opt for a pair of shorts, a cropped top and a pair of sandals? The warm weather enables the Maltese to do so.. so we should truly light a candle for Mother Nature every once in a while! 

        Ice-creams, fruit pops, slushies, frozen yogurt, milkshakes.. so many fresh beverages to choose from ! Oh, and what about cocktails galore? Everything is presented chilled throughout the summer days, and hence it is welcomed with open arms by everyone, a Pina Colada is exactly what you'll need! 


          Another thing regards clubbing on those wild Saturday Nights. Going out, be it clubbing, boat parties, or a relaxed evenings with family or friends is surely bound to get better as the weather starts warming up. The girls barely need to worry about rain ruining their hair( nowadays this is also applies to men ;p) and we could all wear that slightly shorter dress without tights and show our tan! In addition, no more skidding flat on our faces with heels or smudging our make-up.(THANK GOD for waterproof everything in winter! )

          However, some dread both spring and summer due to the fact that more flesh is bound to be revealed. Although it is easier said than done, we should all respect and love our body whatever shape and form it is in. We should never let any type of advertising imbue into our minds what body type we should have. Everyone is born different for a reason and we should be proud of who we are. If something can be changed, we could always work hard towards changing it. However, this point is way too complex to be discussed in a matter of a couple of lines. It surely deserves a post on its own :)! As I had previously pointed out in a couple of blog posts, the most important thing is to wear what suits your shape and highlights your curves while fitting your lifestyle and personality! 

        Whichever way we look at it, every season has its pros and cons, however the key is to strive to focus on the more positive aspects rather than the negative ones. By doing this, we could build up our own Summer Paradise!

I hope you enjoyed my ramble and I look forward to talking you girls soon :)!
Look Good, Be Good, Feel Good.

Kaylie xx

P.S: I realise that this has little to do with fashion and style, and that it is more of a lifestyle related post. I have been thinking about expanding my blog, giving it a stronger touch of personal while still tying it greatly to fashion. Thank you so much for your support! xxx

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