Saturday, 19 April 2014

:: Studying Season ::

         Whether you're studying at the library or sitting for your exams, some wardrobe essentials are bound to boost your attitude, aiding you to get better grades :) Finals lay as a bridge between winter wonderland and summer paradise, and for this reason, apart from many others, examinations are obviously dreaded by the huge majority. You will not only want to appear smart, but to dress smart, as this will surely put you in a better mood to study!

         Being comfortable is the key to all outfits especially for studying and examinations, however this does not mean that we should feel afraid of playing around with textures, prints and different styles. Differentiating what you wear, not only boosts your confidence, but also enables you to show better your personal style and personality :) Ideally, an examination outfit is stylish yet comfortable and simple as few would have the time and energy to dedicate to creating a perfect exam-worthy ensemble.

       No matter how agitated... or nervous you may be feeling inside, a pair of cute printed leggings together with a cosy sweater and combat boots will surely make the cut. Coif your hair into a high ponytail or bun which will keep it away from your face, or  a half-up half-down which will leave you looking great and feeling greater! 

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A messy bun will keep you feeling great for a long time;
if your hair gets messy - its meant to be like that
Adding a cute bow will appear like you've spent so much
of your time! 

A printed or graphic sweater will add depth
to your outfit! 

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