Wednesday, 4 June 2014

:: Curvy Elements ::

Hi loves !

     I have recently been asked to dig more into the mistaken idea that curvier girls are not allowed to follow fashions, as most trends tend to target skinny women rather then heavier ones. However, I wish to make clear that even though I strongly disagree with this ideology, I am in no shape or form saying that being over-weight is a positive thing or that clothes can cover up ALL imperfections and flaws that one might have. I am a firm believer that, with clothes one can take the eye away from some flaws by highlighting an area which one is more comfortable with.

   I feel that, whereas a skinnier girl could pull off an outfit which is all pastels, a curvier woman could also pull off the trend by wearing a darker dress paired up with a pastel blazer and accessories. Similar to this are other trends such as the Neon trend which was very big last Spring/Summer season, and Graphic Prints, which have gladly been with us for quite a while now! Below one could see some pictures as an example :)!

  In addition, belts are a girls best friend regardless her shape and size. Cinching in from the waist gives us all a skinnier, more defined silhouette. This is another way how wild prints and bright colours, or pastels can be introduced into the outfit. Similarly, this could be implemented when it comes to shoes, hats, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories to enhance the persona's physique.

       Moreover, circle skirts and flowing dresses which are fitted at the torso tend to deceive the eye into believing that the person is skinnier than she actually is. This is because, as pointed out previously, clothing is all about highlighting good-looking areas while taking the eye away from the more negative ones.

With summer fast approaching, each and every one of us are on the look out for the perfect bikini or one-piece for those warm days spent at the beach. Not everyone has the body for that little bikini we saw at New Look or River Island, but all of us can surely make it work. The known secret is to find the bathing suit that truly fits your personality as well as your body shape!

The most important thing is that we all make sure that whatever we are wearing fits us like a glove, so as to bring out the best of our bodies; our perfect imperfections!
I hope this helped some of you :)! Any requests,comments or any other type of feedback is very much appreciated :)! As you have seen, ASOS came up with a great line for curvy women; ASOS CURVE.

Look Good, Be Good, Feel Good :)!
Kaylie xx

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