Thursday, 26 June 2014

:: Beach Essentials ::

Hey there fashion lovers :)!

It has been somewhat a long time and I'd like to apologize for that, but now that it's more or less safe to say that most of us have finished their exams, we can shift to more relieving subjects; beach, sand, sun, and sea! 

Apart from the obvious - a bathing suit ( which I believe deserves a whole post on its own! )we need to have a cute beach bag to hoard all of our essentials in. Size and pattern is bound do differ from one person to the next, however the concept is similar!

Now, we must obviously fill up our gorgeous carry-ons with all our necessities. Below we shall have a look at some of the items I personally consider a must-have for a successful day out at the beach. 

To start with, one would obviously consider bringing a towel. I suggest a couple; one to dry oneself with while the other is to use as a pillow or else to lounge on with friends on the sand :)! Any beach towel would do; the cuter the better! xx

I also strongly recommend a light hooded jacket or sweater! Keeping warm when coming up from the water can be slightly challenging, ( at least for this girl) and this will surely come in handy; trust me!

I also find it very helpful to carry a make-up/travel bag with me to hold of my beauty essentials. I suggest a plastic one so as to avoid any mishaps if it had to come in contact with the water :) In addition, it being transparent would help to find essentials quicker when in a rush! 

I suggest keeping a face and body sunscreen, a body spray, deodorant or perfume, any make-up products you would have used, make-up wipes as well as a Lip Balm which has SPF! Anything else such as hair products, bobby pins and elastics among other things are also considered an essential by most!

Another fashion favourite of mine for any beach day are Fedora Hats and Aviator Sunglasses. Although any pair would rock the sandbox ( no pun intended! ), I personally find the combination of the pair above to be epic and intriguing on both males and females!

 Last but not least, the beach is one of the most relaxing places that one could go to in the summer season. Hence, this is also the place where we are all free to read a relaxing book, listen to our new favourite album, or else flip through a magazine at our own leisure! I am currently reading a novel called 'Ice Lake' by John Farrow.. 
All together now : ''Ahhhh.. the smell of freedom at last!''

P.S: Always carry around a bottle of water so as to keep yourselves hydrated! A snack of nuts, berries or baby carrots would also come in handy when you start feeling a bit hungry!

I hope this proved to be sloghtly helpful to some of you! Feel free to leave any suggestions, and stick around for my next blog post to be uploaded later on this week! 

Look Good, Be Good, Feel Good :)!
Kaylie xx

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