Thursday, 22 May 2014

:: Spring Prints :)! ::

Spring is the time in which one is more that free to investigate and experiment with prints and bright colours. However, its worth admiring how print designers (and designers in general),  manage to come up with different prints each year :)! In addition, usually they take the 'old' prints and adapt them to the current season; by adding a brand new twist to the print, it makes it new and even more fashionable than the previous one!

For example, right here one can easily see the floral trend of Spring-Summer 2013 rejuvinated and worn again on the runways :) The art of designing in perfectly manifested here, as, contrary to other pieces where print is concerned, the piece of clothing is controlled by the print itself and not its shape. 

In the picture above which is taken from New York Fashion Week,  we can see neutral colours which are paired with similar neutral accessories. Keeping the accessories simple helps to bring out the print more, and so highlight the asset of the dress. Short circle dresses are quite popular in stores this season, and so one can simply expect to find the trendy prints on these shapes of dresses too.

Similarly, in the picture one can see other examples where designers integrated Spring-Summer 2013 prints into their new designs, hence attaching the new to the old to achieve the particular look they were going for.Wheres in the previous the majority of colours were neutrals, in this one, we can see yellows, blues, pinks and greens which help to attract the eye to the piece of clothing and hide any imperfection ( which we all unfortunately have!) and highlight other better-looking areas:)!

However, apart from florals, designers also decided to take geometric prints; mainly black and white and insert them again into Spring-Summer 2014.

Above we could see a more casual pant-and-tee looking style. Also from New York Fashion Week 2014, we could see how abstract prints hit big and strong this Spring, with black and whites paired with dark blue among others. International Runways were filled with it, however Indian and Asian runways were the ones to truly bring out this trend up a notch!

Above, we can once again see a more subtle but( but still considered abstract!) print. The smallest the print, the more busy is a garment. For example, the photo on the right shows a flowing maxi dress mostly using a neutral print. In comparison, the second and third photos show a more colourful print on the maxi dress, pant and blouse respectively. Similar to the fist segment regarding flower prints, they are all pared with neutral accessories so as to bring out to a greater extent the detail of the print.

With a more classy and subtle approach to the Spring and Summer 2014 prints, above we can see a mixture of outfits styled to perfection. In all three photos, the floral print was aptly manifested to fit the mood of the dress. In the first photo, a more casual flowery print was given to the garment, while in the second one, we can see a low-key circle dress which can be either dressed down for a casual day out with friends, or else dressed up for a fancy dinner. This is exactly where accessories come in!

 The third photo, shows a slightly different take on a body-con dress; warm and playful, yet powerful enough for a great night out with collegues or even a day-time formal lunch!


Prints are there for fashion purposes, however this idea must not be used as an argument to shy away from such an experimental, beautiful side of styling and expressing ourselves! In the previous blog post about Pastels, Readers were encouraged to always try something new. The most important thing is to know your body type and dress to enhance your assets! 

Until next time,
Look great, Be great, Feel great!

Kaylie xx

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