Thursday, 8 January 2015

:: Being a Team?! ::

Hey girls :)!

So first of all, I wish to excuse myself for not posting as often as I had planned to. Having started a Law Course at University definitely did not make it any easier, however here I am now! And more excited than ever woo! I also wish to thank all of you guys who show me great support <3

In addition, I wish to let you know that I tend to post more on my Facebook page for the sake of continuous interaction :)! So here's a link to that!

Now, the point of this post isn't to ramble as I have done so far (no shame!), but rather to talk to you girls about something that has been on my mind for quite a long time. This is a somewhat different kind of post because I intend it to be more of a discussion rather than me just suggesting ideas about how to pair this with that!  So please, let me know what you think regarding this topic!
What I shall rant about is us girls judging other girls ( and obviously everyone else, admit it! ) on the basis of looks, including size, hair, make-up, shoes.. you name it.  Now, I am the first one to be guilty of this and I know I'm not alone, but it's not something we decide to do, it's something we just, do. However it is not something that I feel proud of, its a negative perspective to have towards people especially when meeting them for the first time.

I feel that we should all be one team helping each other with our girly needs and sh*t like that! It seems like such an easy thing to say, but being quite honest with myself, I think it's a difficult thing that can only take place as time goes by.

What do you think? :) Is it something we should take as a permanent characteristic of us girls, or is it something we should try and change?

Looking forward to hearing from you! xx
Kaylie Chetcuti


  1. I totally think we should all stick together but I still think everyone does it and it would just take forever to get people out of that mindset xx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  2. Yes I totally agree with you! It is very difficult as we all seem to be engulfed within our own world :/ Bit by bit we'll manage though :)! We could at least try C:

  3. I agree, we should be building each other up instead of tearing each other down

    1. Yes exactly! It's very important that we start doing so, but it is far from easy :/ Bit by bit, even if we're nice to just one person everyday, it will make a great difference in mood to both parties!

  4. Hi! Wandered by from BB and FB Worldwide~ :) We all form impressions to varying degrees, judge, and form our future interactions from that. I addressed this concern (from both sides; I had been recently wrongly judged just before writing that post) on my blog: The more a person can be aware of their mindset, and strive to keep it open and welcoming to others, the better chance we all have to becoming a more supportive community. Cheers to recognizing and working towards that!


    1. Precisely! It's not a matter of day and night that we'll change our opinions or perspectives towards people, however if as you said, we keep an open mind for change and diversity I feel that we will probably make a change in the world :) This is an issue which I feel must be recognized, especially in a community such as ours where naturally, the physical aspect of a person matters so much!

      Thanks for sharing your view and I will make it a point to hop in and look at your work :)!

      Kaylie xxx

  5. I love a bit of a mental stimulating post. Very inspiring