Saturday, 10 January 2015

:: The Meaning of Resolutions ::

Hey girls!

    So, having transferred into a new year, I've been hearing a lot about New Years' Resolutions and becoming a better you and things along those lines. Regarding this I know I'm not alone!. However, I wanted to share a thought with you regarding these resolutions :)

First of all, yes I do find resolutions helpful, as I feel that in order to come up with resolutions in the first place, we have to automatically revise and do an internal-check up of what we have accomplished, or rather failed to accomplish this past year.

In addition to this, it acts as a plan for the following year. For example, so many of us always ( and I mean Always!) feel the need to 'live a healthier lifestyle' or 'start saving up'. These manage to find their way into our resolutions every year. Now, being honest with ourselves, if we have the same resolutions over and over, this implies that we are mostly failing at them, OVER and OVER!

What I have realised however, is that for the first six days of the New Year, we can all be considered professionals, it is after the first week that we start to drift away from our self-regulations! We need to make an effort and live everyday as if it was the first day of the year; with that positive mindset and attitude in set!

Below, I shall link you lovely readers to a couple of videos that I stumbled upon :) These are a couple of youtubers which honestly inspire me on a daily basis, and who have managed to live so many experiences in the past year :)

This is the attitude which we need to reflect on a daily basis! Enjoy xx
Tyler Oakley: 100 Things I did in 2014
iiSuperwomanii : Why 2014 was amazing?!

Kaylie Chetcuti

P.S: I am very much aware that I ahve not been postng much about fashion lately, and the reason for this is because, I'm trying to implement a pinch of diversity to my posts :) I hope you like them xoxo

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