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:: Winter 2015 Pant Styles ::

Hello dears!

So for today’s post I thought I would list numerous styles of pants which seem to be making a big hit this winter. It is very apparent that both designers and brands in general have decided to offer us a very wide range of pant fits and styles for us to rock this winter. This range includes both the well known skinny pants as well as loose fitting styles.

Numerous fashion shows and lookbooks portray so many different styles for this winter, and I thought that it would e a god idea for me to collect and share some of them with you. I have spotted a variety of modern, vintage as well as timeless silhouettes which come in various colours and fits. So here it comes!

Black Straight Pants
This is potentially the most common style of pants ever, the most flattering on every body shape and size, and the easiest to style. It can easily be paired with sweaters for a dressed-down look, or else dressed up with a structured blazer. Pair it with heels and out the door we go!

Tracksuit Inspired Pants
Tracksuit Inspired Pants
As you will see as we get through these fits, so many of them are inspired by the 1960s and 1970s. This might not be everybody’s cup of tea, however it is a very comfortable way to look fashionable this winter, so do not be scared to give it a try!

Leather Pants
It might not suit everybody, but let me tell you, leather paired with absolutely everything is an automatic fashion A+! Leather, especially sleek black leather has the power to manipulate every outfit in appearing on point. Paired with a textured sweater, such as a knitted thick one is on point girls!

Leather Black Pants
Wide Legged Pants
Wide Leg Pants Again, a risky style to try as it might not flatter everyone, but that’s what changing rooms are for right? (Ugh!) Make sure to try them on before purchasing, but for those tall beauties out there, this is the style for you this year! Comfortable and gorgeous all day long! 
Quilt Detailed Pant

Quilt Detailed Pants
As the name suggests, there is nothing more comfortable than this style of pants! It can be found in so many shops as its popularity is increasing at a very fast rate!

Shortened or Hemmed Pants
This was very popular last year, with so many of us hemming our skinny pants and jeans up to our calves! It is a very easy style to follow, however it goes a long way! It tends to elongate the legs for a more refined look! So keep up the good work! Beige, whites and browns are very popular this year!

High-Waisted Pants
Defining the waist has never been a negative thing, it makes the person appear taller, while slimming down any imperfections which most of us are not very proud of! (What is a gym!?) Make sure to invest in a nice pair of high-waisted besties this winter girls!

Red Leather High-Waisted Pants

Ripped Pants
Another style which remerged this winter! If it doesn’t appeal to you that much, or it makes your insecurities explode, you might prefer a slightly distressed pair for starters, which is equally as cute and flattering so don’t worry! Pair them up with a pair of combat boots and you suddenly look grungy and tough!
Ripped Jeans

Pleated Pans

Pleated Pants
Remember the days of school uniforms?! We hated them so much right? Well, our uniforms are now considered stylish! Who would have thought?! Pleated pants were very popular on the runways of numerous big names and brands, and were presented as a very versatile style, aimed at both the sophisticated professional, paired with a blazer and court shoes, as well as for the younger students!

Drop-Crotch Pants
This style has been seen on the catwalk, especially in leather, or else paired with leather anything. This laid-back look is very sophisticated and fashionable, while being one of the most comfortable styles which are trending at the moment.

Tailored Pants
Last but not least, are the popular fitted or tailored pants. This is very often merged with the pleated style to produce an equally sophisticated look. However, when it isn't, it is paired up with male-looking shoes for a mature look!

So, these were the primary pant styles for Winter 2014/2015. Which is your favourite style, and are you open to trying any of them? Let us know in the comments!

Kaylie Chetcuti 

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