Thursday, 17 April 2014

~~ Getting to Know ~~

Hey guys :)!

     So to start with, excuse me for I am new here, but I just wanted you to know a bit about me and what I'm interested in doing. My name is Kaylie Chetcuti and I am from the bright and sunny Malta. I love clothes, style, fashion and all in between, and I have just recently started designing something of my own.. nothing grand though :)!    
       I thought about starting my own blog as I truly do annoy my family and friends talking about fashion all the time. They suggested that I'd start writing it down, and what is a better way than to put it all down here and share it with you all? I plan on writing about what is in style and what truly inspires me personally. I hope that you'll enjoy what I have to offer, and talk to you next time :)!                                                                                               Bye xx

P.S: I've just revamped my Instagram :)

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